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12087723_1195903050425884_5396978600636418581_oLocated on the Northeast Shoreline, in beautiful Westbrook, CT, Oxford Academy is an all boys, all boarding school providing young men ages 13 to 20 one to one instruction since 1906 – and the results are incredible. Through our unique college preparatory program, we see our students gain confidence and find success, both academically and socially.

Oxford continues to thrive with a maximum population of 48 students from average to superior intelligence. Through our vision and the support of our 24 faculty members, we have witnessed our students flourish after academically struggling in the traditional classroom setting. Our individualized classes benefit young men seeking to strengthen their attention, working memory, processing, and organizational skills.

OxfordacademyEach student’s academic program is designed around his unique interests, ability and pace of learning. Students learn best when materials, content, and pace of instruction are appropriately challenging. Thoughtfully designed coursework, with regular assessment, increases motivation and ensures that success is attainable. Proctored study hall, occurs after each 25 minute class to reduce the anxiety of completing homework at the end of the day.

At the core of Oxford’s success is a close-knit community atmosphere which is fostered by positive peer interaction, cultural understanding, honesty and respect for one another. Consistent and clear parameters promote accountability and personal responsibility, allowing Oxford students to focus on the goals of improving their academic and social skills.

IMG_6912Oxford also instills the value of sportsmanship. Throughout three seasons, students may join one of the varsity teams — soccer in the fall, basketball in the winter, and tennis in the spring. Oxford Academy’s varsity teams regularly have winning records, but varsity sports here are about much more than wins and losses. Our varsity sports program is about welcoming players of all ability levels and working diligently to improve throughout the season as individual athletes and team players. We push our varsity athletes to progress as soccer, basketball and tennis players, and also as young men.

With much of the day devoted to structured study and athletics, we recognize the importance of free time for socializing and pursuing extra-curricular interests. On campus, the student center, athletic facilities and dorm lounges are popular venues for recreation and relaxation. In addition to all Oxford’s campus has to offer, a short walk will take students to shops, restaurants and beaches.

On the weekends, activities begin when students have fulfilled their academic and community commitments on Saturday mornings. Oxford’s Activities Director organizes trips to concerts, sporting events and places of interest, as well as regular outings to the movies and local malls.

Oxford’s also offers a five-week summer term which can be geared toward many different needs. Students already enrolled may use summer term to make up time or accelerate. New students may enroll in summer term to get a head start to the regular year or for remedial work. We offer all standard academic classes, as well as a few courses special to our summer program like our ESL, Study skills, and Summer College Search.

Our rolling admissions policy allows a candidate to enter whenever there is space available.

There are so many reasons for enrolling at Oxford: some of our young men have not been successful in the traditional classroom environment, some wish to accelerate their programs, while others are looking to make up for lost time. International students come for our English as a Second Language (ESL) program and individualized instruction in all subjects.

DSC_0038Oxford Academy can have an extraordinary impact on a young man’s life. It can turn him around and put him on the path to a better education and a better life. It is here that many young men discover their true potential.

We welcome you to visit us at one of our informational tours to have a richer and more meaningful understanding of Oxford’s mission and our academic and summer programs.

To learn more about Oxford Academy, please visit: https://www.oxfordacademy.net