Established for Glenholme Students50 years, The Glenholme School is the premier coeducational, therapeutic boarding and day school for students, ages 10 to 21, in middle school, high school and post-secondary. The school provides a positive and nurturing atmosphere designed to help students become competent socially and academically. Individualized instruction is specifically designed to be compatible with each young person’s strengths, talents and abilities to foster intellectual, personal and social growth. Our comprehensive learning environment supports the success of students with social, emotional and learning challenges.


Glenholme welcomes international students and their diverse backgrounds and promotes cross-cultural learning, as well as an educational respect for diversity.

Recent students have come to Glenholme from Bermuda, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Korea, Kuwait, Mexico, Nigeria, Panama, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and United Kingdom.


Washington is the quintessential New England town complete with steepled churches, picket fences and strong community values. Located two hours from New York City by car, Glenholme is a convenient, countryside destination for students from around the world.


Accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Glenholme provides a comprehensive curriculum with college preparatory and career development courses for students of all ability levels which results in a high school diploma. The education program is designed on an individual basis. The school provides English as a Second Language (ESL) to assist students in acquiring the confidence in expressing themselves effectively in English. Students also have the opportunity to take on-line courses through Virtual High School (VHS). Skill development in studying, critical thinking, organization, creative problem solving, cooperative learning, and positive self-advocacy, character education and a strategies approach to learning are intuitively integrated to help form more independent and motivated learners.


Glenholme1Glenholme’s therapeutic program is woven into each facet of life at school. It provides an abundance of opportunities for socialization and treatment that positively influence the success of students. With the support of boarding faculty, students learn to make friends and establish healthy relationships, as well as develop skills to manage their frustrations in an appropriate manner. Students are also instructed in personal hygiene and domestic care, fitness, sportsmanship, community involvement and fun.


Visual and performing arts programs and athletics are fundamental elements in each student’s daily life at Glenholme. Our integration of the arts in education and boarding stimulates a greater understanding of social, emotional, academic and behavioral areas for students. Athletics promotes health and wellness, while providing a setting for students to build school spirit and make strong friendships.

Completing the school experience, students enjoy a range of fitness options, community service activities, culinary instruction, equestrian training, leadership lessons, and a wide array of extracurricular activities such as dance, go-karts, seasonal clubs, music, recording studio, ropes course and more.


During July and August, Glenholme offers a summer program which gives students a unique enrichment opportunity with morning academics, customarily focused on English and Mathematics, and a wide variety of instructional activities and recreational opportunities emphasizing social skill development in the afternoons and evenings.

Students find acceptance in this nurturing environment that pairs a positive living philosophy with a clear set of values to foster enthusiastic participation, improved self-confidence and success.


The transition program provides a supportive environment for young men and women, ages 18 to 21, who seek post-secondary education or career development. Participants have the opportunity to learn, practice and master skills essential for success in college, work environments and social settings. Young people achieve new levels of independence under the professional guidance and support of Glenholme coaches.


Contact Glenholme Admissions to experience our vibrant community in person. Admission staff will provide you a tour, show you classes in action, and make sure you meet students, teachers, and staff. We are prepared to welcome you and acquaint you to our beautiful hilltop spot in lovely western Connecticut.



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