Assessing English language ability is an important part of the admissions process. Therefore most institutions rely upon two different language tests to determine English language proficiency for prospective international students.

  • Test of English as a Foreign Language – TOEFL
  • Secondary Level of English Proficiency – SLEP


The TOEFL is used to determine the student’s English language ability. The test is offered in either a paper and pencil format or computerized format. There is also a web-based format being introduced. The TOEFL can be taken in most countries at dates chosen by the student. Please see for more information.

The SLEP is also used to determine the student’s English language ability. It is a basic test used primarily in connection with secondary school applications. The SLEP-test can be carried out and administered by the agent or local school in the home country. It is graded immediately after it has been completed. The test is ordered from Educational Testing Service directly over the internet.

For more information about the two tests please visit the Educational Testing Service website on where you can learn more about the tests, find out the location of TOEFL test centres, and order SLEP tests.

Test score requirements differ from school to school, with the reminder that the English language proficiency score, being only a part of the overall application criteria.  in addition, most schools have an English language program in which students will first spend time raising their English level to what is required before academic studies begin in earnest.

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