Gateway Community College (GCC) is located in historic downtown New Haven, Conn. Each year more than 13,000 individuals choose from more than 90 accredited degree and certificate programs at Gateway, which they take for college credit, professional development, and personal enrichment. Students are invited to enjoy the benefits of studying in an historic and thriving college town where they have access to museums, theaters, restaurants and all of the perks that come with being located next door to an Ivy-League University. Gateway’s state-of-the-art campus is home to a diverse student population that encompasses various age groups, ethnicities and backgrounds.

International student testimonials:
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Yehui Yang: An aspiring nurse from China, international student Yehui Yang has called the United States her home for only four short years but says she is glad she chose Gateway Community College. Along with the affordability, Yehui loves GCC for its location. “Everything is within walking distance from our beautiful state-of-the-art facility: museums, world class theatres, and all sorts of restaurants,” she said. She considers New Haven one of the most fascinating cities she has ever been to.
Gateway_3Vrunda Patel: Coming from a family full of teachers, Vrunda has dreamt of pursuing a career in Early Childhood Education since she was a child. Gateway has made that dream a reality for her, and she says her professors have made her fall in love with her work even more. Born and raised in India, Patel struggles with not only a language barrier, but a physical disability as well. As a result of this, Vrunda makes use of Gateway’s Disability and ESL (English as a Second Language) services. When asked what her favorite thing about Gateway is, she said, “They have the best services for students ever.”
gateway_4Francky Lwamba: Every day is an adventure for Francky, a GCC international student from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who has not only coursework to conquer, but also a second language. According to Francky, matriculating into GCC meant affordability and endless choices. GCC has 90+ course options. The new equipment in the GCC engineering labs is a favorite to Francky, who is currently an Engineering Sciences major. Francky enjoys the diverse student body at GCC which motivates him to pursue his current aspiration of becoming a civil engineer in the future, all while breaking down a language barrier to engage with his fellow students.
gateway_5Nimra Chaudhry: Nimra is a Liberal Arts Major at GCC. She applied to GCC to finish her prerequisites so that she can transfer to a 4-year college as an Accounting major.  Nimra is a work study student in the Writing Center at GCC, which helped her gain experience in a professional setting. To students who wish to enroll at GCC she advises, “Attend orientation. It’s a great way to meet the right people, ask the right questions and find your place at GCC. Gateway really implies a gateway to your future.”
For more information, visit GatewayCT.edu or https://www.facebook.com/GatewayNewHaven or contact Tony Carberry, Director of Enrollment Management, at (203) 285-2011 or email jcarberry@gatewayct.edu.