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Located in historic New England, Eastern Connecticut State University is a selective institution which offers outstanding undergraduate liberal arts and science curriculums, along with distinctive professional and master’s programs. Eastern enrolls 5,600 full-time undergraduate students and prides itself on small classes and a personalized atmosphere. The university strives to create a global community and is proud of its international reputation. Students from over 30 countries find Eastern to be a friendly, safe place to live and learn. The educational and social climate is well suited to assist in developing the skills needed to succeed in the global marketplace. Eastern takes pride in its century-long tradition of celebrating diversity and caring for its students as individuals. At Eastern, the faculty and staff are available to offer individualized attention to meet the special needs of international students.

Eastern’s campus is located in Willimantic, 30 minutes from Hartford, capital of the state of Connecticut, 2 hours from Boston, Massachusetts and 3 hours from New York City (by car). The sandy beaches of Rhode Island and Connecticut are less than one hour away. If you are interested in learning about the history of the United States, you will want to set aside weekends to explore Washington DC, the nation’s capital; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the country’s birthplace; and historic sites in New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Maine, all within a comfortable day commute from Eastern.

Eastern offers a variety of academic programs which prepare students for successful careers or graduate school work. Students receive a liberal arts foundation in all the 32 undergraduate majors leading to a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of General Studies degree.

Classes have a student-faculty ratio of 15:1. Regular academic classes are also small (average class size is 23 students in a classroom). Instruction is offered by full time professors who are hired for their proven teaching ability.

Once students arrive on campus, there is an orientation for new international students scheduled at the start of each semester in mid-August and mid-January. Our International Advisors students select classes according to their goals and ability levels. Eastern assists students in selecting a major and deciding on educational goals as well. At Eastern, a university with a strong liberal arts program, students are required to study a variety of subjects from the science to the humanities – history, music, arts, and literature. By sampling classes in different fields, students will encounter new and interesting subjects.  Students discover talents in areas they never before imagined and sometimes decide on a field that had not even considered prior to attending Eastern. Students choose enroll in a liberal arts program simply because it is a valuable experience. Not only does a liberal arts education expose students to new academic subjects and ideas, it also cultivates life-long tools such as effective communication and critical thinking – skills that are essential in any career. In fact, many students desire a well-rounded education from a liberal arts university before going on to graduate school or a specific profession.

The Eastern campus is spread over 182 acres. With 5 freshman residence halls and 8 apartment complexes on campus, housing is guaranteed for all 4 years of undergraduate enrollment. Eastern offers a range of housing options that include rooms for one to two people, suites for up to four students, and apartment-style unites for four to six people. Students have high-speed access to the campus computer network and the Internet from their rooms. Residences have recreation and laundry facilities, lounges, and computer labs. Our dining hall feels like a great food court with many different choices, and our meal plans means that students can eat what they want, whenever they want, all for one semester-based price. It’s a good thing the exercise facility is close by.

A liberal arts education is grounded on exposing students to cultural and life experience beyond the classroom. Eastern hosts a variety of cultural and intellectual experiences, guest speakers, concerts, movie nights, and special events – more than 650 a year. The Campus Activity Board arranges numerous out-of-town trips, including shopping and theater excursions to New York City and Boston, and hiking and river rafting trips.

Eastern provides an affordable education in part because our quality institution is supported by the state of Connecticut – the wealthiest state in the United States by per capita income.

From the day Eastern Connecticut State University receives a student’s application until the time the student graduates, the student will get personal help with immigration procedures, housing information, orientation to college, and adjusting to American life. The sense of community makes Eastern a special university.

Eastern application: Eastern application

Admission for domestic students: http://www1.easternct.edu/admissions/apply-freshmen/

Admission for international students: http://www1.easternct.edu/admissions/international-information/