Some US private high schools require standardized testing scores to be submitted by their applicants. It is important to point out that the tests are only one part of the admission process.

Motivation to study, past academic performance, personality of student and other talents are just as important when admission counselors are deciding a student’s admission. Our role is to help students connect with the admissions counselors, and improve their chances of being accepted into the school.

The two academic tests most frequently used by private high schools in the US are:

  • Secondary School Admission Test – SSAT
  • Independent School Entrance Exam – ISEE

The SSAT is used for admission to grades 5 – 11, and is a multiple choice test that measures students’ ability in math and verbal areas. The test takes more than 2 hours to complete. The test is given internationally in 76 countries several times each year (in November, December, January, March and April). Talk to your local agent about the nearest test site in your home country.

The ISEE is used to assess the math and verbal ability for students entering grades 5 – 12.

The test takes about 3 hours to complete and has two components – a multiple choice section and an essay. The test is given on dates chosen by the school.

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