CampusSacred Heart Academy, a Catholic preparatory school for young women, is located on a 127 acre hilltop campus in Hamden, CT, approximately 80 miles from New York City. Founded by the Apostles of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in the Roman Catholic tradition and committed to the expression of strong Christian values and intellectual growth, Sacred Heart Academy provides a challenging college preparatory education for young women.
Our motto, “Ever Higher,” inscribed on our academic seal, states the heart of our philosophy: that the best education for life is to learn to strive for excellence in all we do. The Academy speaks to this spirit and ideas in the richness of its heritage and many traditions.

HomeworkOur students have a sense of belonging to a strong community where academics, community service, athletics, and clubs balance the curriculum. We honor the uniqueness of each individual and recognize the varying ways in which students learn.
Courses are planned for the individual student; and include College Preparatory, Honors, Early College Experience, and Advanced Placement. Graduation from Sacred Heart Academy requires the successful completion of 27 credits. Students in all grades are required to carry a minimum of 6.5 credits each year.
Varied types of class formats and evaluative methods are used along with a wide range of both required and elective courses in a challenging curriculum that encourages a respect for learning and human achievement. Sacred Heart students find their strength in this all-girl Catholic environment. They learn to lead, they discover their academic abilities and interests, find support in speaking up, and comfort in faith and God.
StudentsOur graduates emerge dedicated to lifelong learning and to sharing the ideas learned at Sacred Heart in communities throughout the world. Our graduates are articulate communicators and continue their lives in their role as productive citizens committed to service.
To learn more, please visit us at www.sacredhearthamden.org