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Featured Story The Oxford Academy 2016:Summer Session

Oxford Academy’s 2016 Summer Session is held from June 20, 2016 – July 22, 2016, for boarding or day. Our school has been providing young men ages 13-20 with one-to-one instruction since 1906 – and the results are incredible. Through our unique program, we see our students gain confidence and find success, both academically and socially. Oxford’s summer program of individualized instruction accommodates learners with many goals at middle and high school levels.

The summer term can be geared toward many different needs. Students already enrolled may use this term to make up time or accelerate. New students may enroll in summer term to get a head start to the regular year or for remedial work.

Enrichment: Customized courses incorporate individual interest with challenging expectations.

Skill Building: Instruction is geared toward closing gaps in content knowledge and skill development.

Credit Recovery: By prearrangement with a student’s home school, material can be covered to earn credit for incomplete or failed coursework.

We offer all standard academic classes, as well as a few courses special to our summer program including the following:

Marine Biology is a unique feature of our summer term is the 1/2 credit course. Unlike most classes at Oxford, Marine Biology is taught in a small group of approximately six students. This hands on course meets for one hour daily and takes advantage of the school’s proximity to the Long Island Sound, taking trips to Mystic Aquarium and Project Oceanology out of Avery Point, CT.

Social Studies is also offered for students to earn a 1/2 credit, in the History Department’s Summer Seminar focuses on pressing current event issues and essential historical and political moments of the late 20th & early 21st century not normally covered in traditional High School History courses.

Summer College Search Program is offered to young men who have completed their junior year. Directed by Oxford’s college counselor, the program is designed to cover all aspects of the college admissions process. Within the structure of Oxford’s one-to-one academic and residential program, students have the opportunity to research colleges, complete the Common Application, prepare a personal essay, and visit colleges and universities in driving distance.

English as a Second Language is an excellent way for international students to be introduced to American culture while improving their English skills in the one-to-one classroom. Intermediate to Advanced ESL students may choose one or two individualized English classes, with an additional conversation class depending on enrollment. Mathematics, science and social studies courses are offered at the ESL level, with courses geared toward each student’s level of proficiency and interest. TOEFL and SAT/ACT prep are optional programs.

Study Skills course is designed to ensure that a student has the appropriate tools to learn. Students proceed through seven areas that teach students the skills to be active learners, to improve reading comprehension, and to organize and retain information for tests or written work.

Cogmed with Ted Backes from Frankenberger Associates, a five week computer based program that sustainably improves working memory and attention. Supported by individual coaches, students will train daily, learn new strategies to improve attention and executive functioning, and push the limits of their cognitive abilities. For most students, the strengths and skills that they develop support improved academics. Common benefits include improvements in reading comprehension, problem solving, following directions, impulse control, organizing, social skills, attention and confidence.

Sailing Lessons Offered through Pilot’s Point Marina in Westbrook, interested students can learn to sail on a Colgate 26 sailboat. The lessons teach basic sailing and navigation, racing techniques, and tactics including spinnaker work. Three days a week, the 2-2.5 hour instruction will prepare the individual for large boat sailing, cruising or racing. The lessons are open to all, regardless of ability.

Tennis Lessons are private with an accredited tennis professional. Students of varying abilities are welcome.
Additional non credit course offerings include:

Mathematics (Pre-Algebra through Calculus)
Enflish Literature and Composition
Core Lab Sciences and Electives
Spanish, French, and Latin

The summer session at Oxford Academy can have an extraordinary impact on a young man’s future. Get a jump start on your high school education at Oxford Academy’s 2016 Summer Session, make up time or accelerate, get a head start to the regular year for remedial work or credit recovery.

We welcome you to visit us at one of our informational tours to have a richer and more meaningful understanding of Oxford’s mission and our academic and summer programs.


For more information about Oxford or to apply, be sure to visit us at oxfordacademy.net or admissions@oxford academy.net